Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs in Barrow Bag

Perfectly kiln dried hardwood logs in our 'barrow bag'.  Each bag will contain approximately 100 quality logs.  Don't be confused with other 'barrow bag' suppliers, we check and stack every log in these bags, meaning we can get a much bigger volume of logs per bag than any of our competitors.  

Choose which species of logs you prefer, or simply choose mixed hardwood if you don't have a preference.

Barrow Bags make ideal log storage and can be delivered to your home, or collected in your car.  By far our most popular 'bulk' firewood product at Forest Fuel Store.

1 x Barrow Bag £94.99

3 x Barrow bags FOR £240(Saving £44.97) 

5 x Barrow bags FOR £395(Saving £79.95)

As low as £94.99
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Perfectly kiln dried hardwood logs in our barrow bags.  Each bag will contain approximately 100 logs.

Whether you want to collect from our store, or you would prefer delivery, the barrow bag provides the easiest way of transporting and storing bulk quantities of logs.

On delivery, we use our trolley to get them exactly where you want them, steep drives, gravel paths or steps are not going to stop us!

Once in your garden, choose to keep hold of the bags for storage, or we can tip them on site.  A very versatile delivery!