Jumbo Net of Kiln Dried Birch Bark Kindling

Bring a little bushcraft into your front room.  Birch bark is natures perfect kindling, full of oils and lights with one match.

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Birch is a bit of a miracle tree, its properties have been exploited for thousands of years from tar to make boats waterproof, to an extremely palatable drink (and even a liquor).  Of course it is one of our favourite firewoods too. We all recognise its distinctive white paper-like bark which curls itself up, and this is what makes it so great for kindling. 

Birch bark is full of natural oils and is very easy to light.  It is normally possible to light from one match without any firelighters and in no time it will race into flames and produce lots of heat. 

The whole point of starting a fire with kindling is to get the temperature up quickly so that it becomes fuel efficient and can ignite bigger logs.  Birch bark is a ready made, completey natural kindling.

Our birch bark kindling nets are the same as our jumbo 60litre nets for hardwood.  Buying this net is a seriously cost efficient means of getting your fire started.