Firepits UK Plain Jane with Swinging Arm BBQ

Elegance and functionality in a heavy duty 3mm steel firepit with a removable 'swinging' barbecue grill.

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An elegant and highly functional firepit which is also an extremely capable barbecue.

The BBQ grill can be lifted off its mounting bracket when you just want to sit back with a glass of wine and pile the logs on.  

When there is catering to be done, the swinging arm BBQ grill does a brilliant job.  Spin the grill away from the flames and load with your favourite BBQ recipies, then simply swing back over the heat to cook.  It is that simple.  

We stongly recommend a fireproof glove when handling the metal grill, it gets very hot!

As with all of the Firepits UK range, these firepits are built to live outdoors in your garden.  They will rust and they will look great for it.  Don't worry about them rusting through, they are 2-3 mm steel and built to last a lifetime.  Each firepit has a drainage hole to stop water pooling in the bowl.



Available in four sizes of bowls:

50cm, 60cm, 70cm and 80cm

Construction: one piece spun steel bowl with welded legs and carry handles.  

Weight: 30kg to 50kg


Please Note: if you require a BBQ grill with your firepit, they must be matching sizes.



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