Firepits UK Saturn

As beautiful as it is heavy-duty, the Saturn is a truly unique firepit.  Made from 2/3mm steel with welded legs and detailing, this is a firepit to be proud of.

Optional extra 'Half Moon BBQ' rack turns this firepit into a very effective barbecue.

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Super stylish firepit which is built like a tank!  Available in 80cm and a whopping 90cm fire-bowl, this product is designed to throw out huge amounts of heat and generate flames which will look like a hill-top beacon.

Please note: The measurements are for the internal diameter of the fire bowl.

The Saturn gets its name from a wide steel band (or ring) around the edge of the fire-bowl. The additional band around the fire bowl adds 20cm to the full diameter. Three sturdy legs are welded with intricate detail which makes the Saturn look absolutely stunning. 

Why not add a half moon BBQ rack as an optional extra.  Built to match and last, these heavy duty racks fit snugly over half of the bowl, allowing you to turn this beast of a firepit into a barbecue.  When you are finished, simply lift the grate off and fill with more logs!

As with all of the Firepits UK range, these firepits are built to live outdoors in your garden.  They will rust and they will look great for it.  Don't worry about them rusting through, they are 2-3 mm steel and built to last a lifetime.  Each firepit has a drainage hole to stop water pooling in the bowl.



Available in four sizes of bowls: 60cm, 70cm, 80cm and 90cm

Construction: one piece spun steel bowl with welded legs and carry handles.

Weight: 30kg to 50kg

Please Note: if you require a BBQ grill with your firepit, they must be matching sizes.