Firepits UK Legs Eleven Firebowl with BBQ grill

Distincive styling and functionality combine in this firepit / barbecue.  Swivel barbecue grate can be positioned over the heat, or spun away from the heat as required.  Or, simply remove the grate pin and you have a simple stylish firebowl.

Legs Eleven 70cm

70cm diameter

23cm bowl depth

50cm height overall

Legs Eleven 60cm

60cm diameter

23cm bowl depth

42cm height overall 


As low as £299.00
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Legs Eleven firepit combines very distinctive styling with barbecuing functionality.  

One of the legs houses a removable pin, allowing you to swivel the bbq grate over the heat, or away from the heat as and when required.

If you do not intend to barbecue, simply lift the grill out of the fitting and fill the bowl with logs.

As with all of the Firepits UK range, these firepits are built to live outdoors in your garden.  They will rust and they will look great for it.  Don't worry about them rusting through, they are 3 mm steel and built to last a lifetime.  Each firepit has a drainage hole to stop water pooling in the bowl.

Please Note: if you require a BBQ grill with your firepit, they must be matching sizes.

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