Firewood Logs & Accessories

We proudly offer extensive variety of finest quality firewood that is cut in suitable length with easy ordering & delivery options. Whether you require for burning in house or open fire, we have premium quality wood fuels to enhance the burning experience with improved efficiency. Wood fuels are highly recommended for efficient heating, improved burning time & being cost effective. Our firewood has the right amount of moisture content to give you the best heating experience. When it comes to burning fuels, we at Forest Fuel Store have seen it all: the good, the wet and the mouldy! Serving the broader community in the North East we provide our customers with premium Kiln Dried Firewood along with a wide range of products.

Easy Delivery in North East Areas

We excel in providing high quality firewood & kindling items with easy delivery in Newcastle, Durham & Sunderland areas. We also supply firewood in Northumberland and Tyne & Wear side. We have our own delivery van to give you speedy buying experience. Our products are packed for easy delivery. Your orders are just a click away. Choose the wood fuels that you want to buy and provide us with your details online and leave the rest on us.