Gardeco Estrella Large Fire Bowl 74cm

A brilliant portable fire bowl which is ideal for taking with you, on holidays, to the beach, or to move around in your garden. The enamel coating on the fire bowl itself ensures a longer life. Enamel does not burn away like heat-resistant paint and will therefore prolong the look and life of the product.
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Gardeco Estrella Large Fire Bowl 74cm

The large Estrella can cater for larger parties of people and produce and impressive amount of heat on chilly summer evenings.

Coated in superior heat-resistant and durable enamel, the large 74cm Estrella will provide you many years of loyalty and long summer evenings.

Includes mesh spark guard, charcoal grill, BBQ grill and prong

Enamel coated for longer durability and heat resistance

Size: 74cm x 54cm