Kiln Dried Hardwood Birch 'Boot-Bag'

Quality kiln dried hardwood in a no-mess, strong woven sack.  Great birch firewood and easy to store / stack in your garage.  Each sack will last several nights of burning, perfect for your stove, open fire or patio heater.

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Our Premium Bags of Kiln Dried Hardwood are large sacks of high quality hardwood which are big enough to keep your stove going for several nights. The sacks are clean, strong and easy to fit in the boot of your car without dust and mess. 

Also perfect for a weekend around the fire-pit in summer. Lower moisture means less smoke!

We expect roughly 20kg of hardwood perfectly dry birch logs per sack, although weight can very from sack to sack.

- High quality kiln dried hardwood

- Logs cut neatly to 10inches (30cm)

- Average <20% moisture content

- Re-use or recycle the packaging