Kiln Dried Hardwood Dumpy Bag 0.6m3

We have a new size dump-bag for winter 2021.  Due to a shortage of 0.85m3 dump bags (caused by that damned virus), we have downsized our dump-bag to 0.63m3, which we can squeeze an average of 200 standard logs into.  

Have no fear, quality and great value for money have not been chopped!


As low as £128.99
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The Dump Bag is a great way to deliver a large volume of logs in one big bag.  However, in our experience, it is not so easy to put away, keep dry, or re-stack in a log store.  

Once a dump bag is on the ground, it cannot be moved and it may take a lot of work and a good wheel barrow to move your logs into cover. 

At Forest Fuel Store, that is not how we want to leave your logs!  

We aim to get a full dump bag of logs (in our case around 200 of them) into 2 smaller barrow bags which we can then manouver around your garden, into your garage or shed, up and down a grass bank, over pebbles, down narrow pathways - pretty much wherever you ask us to (as long as its safe).  From there we can either tip the logs, or if you choose to pay for our bag deposit, leave two brimming, hand-stacked barrow bags in situ.  All part of the service.

If you need any further information, please call us and we'll be happy to explain more.