Types of Firewood

When you pay a premium for kiln dried firewood, you can rightly expect the very best fuel for your fire. Kiln dried logs should be a superior product because they have been baked for several days down to maximum of 20% moisture content. This makes your logs easier to light and means your fire will get up to temperature much quicker.For stove owners, it means you can reduce the airflow whilst preserving the combustion process (so it lasts longer too). Put simply, kiln dried firewood should produce more heat in your home and burn for longer on a stove. Our Store covers the North East region with premium quality wood and log products along with great prices. However, as we have experienced on a number of occasions in the past, the resilience of the kiln drying process can vary enormously between suppliers. Today our suppliers have the infrastructure to supply large quantities of well processed, consistently dry logs, and we offer a delivery service across the North east which can react quickly to your order at a time to suit you. It hasn’t always been plain sailing though! As we have grown our customer base, demand for dry logs in the cold winter months can put enormous strain upon the supply chain. At such times former suppliers have been tested to their limits and very often the consequence is wood that was not dry enough being delivered to customers. Not good! We have had to introduce quality controls to make sure this cannot happen again. All of our bulk bags of logs are now tested with moisture meters before delivery and we will always replace your firewood if you experience problems. So, if you are buying firewood, be sure you know what you are getting and who you are buying from. Don’t be afraid to ask for proof that the logs are as dry as stated and don’t be afraid to refuse delivery if you are not happy that they are in perfect condition.
Published at: 11-06-2020