Horse Rugs

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It is essential that we look after our horses and whether they are turned out or in the stable we need to ensure that they are warm, dry and comfortable.

Here at Forest Fuel Store we have the best selection of Horse Rugs and Blankets available in the Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland area.

Fly Rugs are a great way of keeping your horse cool, they incorporate mesh in the design so as well as keeping your horse cool they also help keep flies away.

We carry a range of differing turnout rugs to cover all seasons, we have three different weights 100g, 200g & 300g so whether it is a cool spring morning, a slightly cooler Autumn day or a cold winters day we have the right product to keep your horse comfortable.

All the rugs we sell are made to the highest standards and are adjustable for maximum comfort.

Our range of stable rugs are cotton lined for maximum comfort and again come in varying weights to cover all seasons.

Call into our store in Birtley close to the A1 & A194M, order today for fast delivery, we even deliver free of charge on local deliveries in the DH3 postcode.