Standalone Long Leg Cooking Rack

A fantastic addition to any outdoor space the Standalone Cooking Rack allows incredible versatility for preparing food. Height adjustable so it is perfect for almost any size or height fire that you wish to cook on.
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Standalone Long Leg Cooking Rack

Strong and substantial, our hand forged Tripod with cooking rack is designed to stand outside your fire bowl or an open fire. A great visual piece, perfect for parties, outdoor events, camping or individual use! Adjustable height chain so that you are able to control the heat depending on what you're cooking.

NB: All our fire pits, lids and accessories will begin to rust immediately and will not maintain their black finish. However, this will not affect their long term durability.

Please note: Image shows Tripod over our Celeste 80 fire pit which is available by separate purchase.

Material - 16mm Round Steel

Height - 180cm

BBQ Grill - 58cm

Weight - 17kg