Tripod Cooking Rack


Traditional Tripod Cooking Rack – Suitable for our 60cm and 70cm firepits.

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Tripod Cooking Rack

Strong and substantial, our hand forged Tripod Cooking Rack is designed to sit on top of your fire bowl. With a half plate, half bar BBQ rack design, it is suitable for cooking a wide variety of foods alongside the traditional uses of boiling, heating stews etc. With gloves, the chain can be rotated to move the BBQ rack away from any hot spots that may arise; the chain height is also adjustable.

A great visual piece, perfect for parties, outdoor events, camping or individual use!

Please note that the fire pit is available by separate purchase. The Tripod will not function on all models of firepit so please contact us if you are unsure of suitability.

NB: All our fire pits, lids and accessories will begin to rust immediately and will not maintain their black finish. However, this will not affect their long term durability.