Valiant Remora Flue Pipe Fan

Improve the heat output and air circulation of your stove without using any extra fuel. This 4 blade stove top-fan will make a big difference to the efficiency of your stove by pushing air out into your room instead of being trapped in the fireplace.
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The Remora Flue Pipe Fan is another innovative member of the Valiant Stove Fan family, designed for stoves that do not suit stovetop fans. If your stovetop does not reach a high enough temperature or has an irregular surface, you can now reap the full benefits of a Heat Powered Stove Fan. Modelled from Valiants bestselling Premium 4, it has magnetic wings that are stable to over 400°c, the Remora is quick to attach to most 4-7” flue pipes with magnetic properties and that reach 200C or higher. It takes no time to get up and running to help distribute heat throughout any living space, keeping you comfortable during cold spells.


Please note that this fan attaches using a magnet. It will not attach to stainless steel or double-walled flues. Please check before buying using a fridge magnet or magnetic stove thermometer (when cold) before purchasing.